Increase Operational Efficiency 

By easily mapping workflow processes into mindports at departmental levels, managers are able to more effectively and efficiently accomplish their daily tasks, while also reducing screen time required.

Accelerate Project Team Collaboration and Communication

By building and sharing mindports, team members share both thinking and information, able to organize thousands of documents, videos, and images to be accessible in a few clicks without search.

Increase Sales

The extreme speed of the interface allows sales personnel to utilize company information and process during customer meetings. On mobile, it converts hours of wasted screen time into productive sales time.

Turn Employee Knowledge into Operational Interfaces

Using employee entered structured information capturing relationships and workflows, the Mindports® platform permanently embeds management knowledge and intellectual property foundations into the software systems of the enterprise

Go Mobile in Minutes

Existing web pages can be loaded into the interface in minutes. For information access for sales and service personnel, Interaction with the interface on mobile devices can be proven to reduce screen time for employees a minimum of one to two hour per month

​Gain Situational Awareness

Using color, sequencing, taxonomy, and prioritization

the interface elevates situational awareness to a new level, and is designed to work with live data and expert systems.


Leave the limits of the four-thousand-years-old page paradigm behind and discover a new dimension in speed, capability, and function.

FROM 1754 BC to A.D. 2016, PAGE


Improve Service

The extreme speed of the interface allows service personnel to more rapidly access precise information required to accomplish their tasks.On mobile, it converts hours of wasted screen time into productive service time.

Capture, Transfer Knowledge

The Mindports®  interface and platform put the mind's process of categorization directly in contact with the taxonomical data model of the interface, representing clear advantages and a new horizon in knowledge capture and transfer.

Reduce Training Time

With the knowledge of senior personnel and exiting employees embedded in mindports, cost per training hour is radically reduced, and critical knowledge is never lost when employees exit.

Create and Grow Information Equity

Information is the sum total of the knowledge of the enterprise and all its employees, past, present, and future that can be effectively employed to achieve ongoing objectives of the enterprise. Mindports was designed from the beginning to capture and grow information equity through both human and machine learning.

​Build Expert Systems

The Mindports®  platform is uniquely suited to interact with expert systems that directly engage continuous human interaction in the accomplishment of tasks.

Model for Artificial Intelligence

Adoption and use of the Mindports system brings existing, and uniquely available data flows from the whole enterprise in line with the advanced direction in artificial intelligence offered by Mindports.

                                                                      SYMBIOTIC        HUMAN-MACHINE  INTELLIGENCE