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Historically, the role of the Chief Information Officer is necessarily evolving from implementing the requested information strategies of other C-level executives, to becoming an enterprise architect,the Chief Digital Officer, creating those strategies through specialized knowledge of the power of software in the enterprise.

Mindports® supports this transition through every phase of digital transformation,

including training, assessment, analytics, content strategies, and powerful mobile access within an algebraically notated interface system enabling a new foundation for expert systems.

With Mindports®, increasing productivity through software and digital transformation is not only the work of the IT department, but of the whole corporation, including every executive, manager and employee. Mindports® enables that work to be accomplished seamless and transparently during the course of normal operations, serving as a juncture between analytics, expert systems, knowledge capture, and sensing.


Use Employee Intelligence to Anticipate Business Needs

Mindports® puts a historically new power in the hands of the CIO, CDO,or EA,

the power of information equity emerging from the core of corporate operations, processes, and communications as understood by management.  Mindports®  demystifies, simplifies, and accelerates digital transformation by putting a new powerful set-theoretic data model directly and seamlessly into the hands of management and employees, to utilize individually or collaboratively using simple onscreen edit forms.

Employee knowledge, experience, and understanding of a company products, services, processes, and values are the most valuable resource of an enterprise, creating true enterprise intelligence for agile continuous business transformation. Mindports® enables a company to capture this resource into an unlimited number of unique evolving objective-based portals transparently combining enterprise and Web resources to support daily, weekly, and monthly processes with integrated perspective and greater understanding of content and information. 

Further, when employees leave a location, department, project, or the enterprise, their knowledge leaves with them, potentially causing a lapse in productivity, or requiring time consuming and costly training of new personnel. Mindports® enables the enterprise to capture, integrate and maintain knowledge and workflow within each group or department during and after personnel movement, maintaining valuable and critical information equity during re-structuring or a liquidity event.

​Information Equity

Human Intelligence Encoding Software Intelligence

Mindports® technology enable's any CIO to transparently and seamlessly transform every employee into a contributing information worker, while creating an invaluable and growing intelligence for the enterprise. Any employee can create a mindport in minutes without programming, with a few minutes of training

​​Information equity is the means by which enterprise transactions, values, and processes are transferred from human actors into evolving corporate knowledge systems to support the understanding and accomplishment of management objectives in the context of time, locale, and pertinence. A short article on the theoretical background of using mindports may be found here. Or compare the advantages of Mindporting over blogging and existing content distribution.


Simple onscreen menus enable authors or editors to easily create, select or merge mindports, change branches and links, or update content globally in real time. Content types include images, videos, documents, PDF's, web pages, audio, and HTML.

Advanced capabilities by subscription can provide security levels and branches, collaborative editing and sharing levels, real-time expert system population of content, complex logging and analytics, and cloud-based operations. 

Mindports® Basic is free to individuals and small businesses under ten employees, and is available on a free multi-phase trial basis to corporations and government entities.  All primary and secondary schools, and law enforcement are eligible for extended free trials.

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Simple Creation, Editing, Updating, and Use

Mindports® enables authors to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate videos, images, text, PDF's, documents, and websites on computers, tablets and smartphones, using simple onscreen menus.

Users can select thousands of of content chocies in two to three seconds from the concise intuitive interface enabling the selections of thousands of content pieces in two to three seconds.


Seamless Content Integration


Create New Solutions From Line-of-Business Communications
Mindports® is  a wholly new enterprise technology, taking its place alongside spreadsheets, word processors, and databases, as an indispensable tool for developing the intelligence of the modern mobile corporate enterprise.​ It enables the entire processes and knowledge of the enterprise to be mapped into a dynamic live interface by those responsible for performing or managing those processes, encoding a new data type for analytics, operations, and knowledge building.

Productivity  Increase and refine each group and departmental workflow with always pertinent, well managed, and discoverable information seconds away.

Responsiveness  Easily integrate enterprise transactions, processes, and values for rapid, effective, and informed response.

Mobility  Empower management, employees, or teams with a next generation interface capable of accelerating and simplifying information access on mobile devices by up to ten times. Eliminates page turning, scanning, scrolling, and sizing while reducing data costs.

Presentation  Enable instant and anticipated response to audience or client questions while maintaining a normal flow of uninterrupted conversation.

Sales Support  Effortlessly integrate timely sales information, policies and procedures to enable continuous and unbroken real-time client engagement.

Training  Institute and maintain continuous training at its most effective level by capturing senior personnel’s real experience, knowledge, perspective, and understanding of group and departmental objectives while reducing training cost per hour.

Information Equity  Uniquely capture, build, grow, and integrate enterprise information equity and Web resources into workflows in ways never before possible.

Continuity  Integrate and maintain the current experience, practices, knowledge and understanding of advancing, departing, or retiring personnel.

Effortless Integration - Negative Costs Mindports® can operate on company's servers or in the cloud, and as a wholly Web-based website application, integrating with messaging and data collection systems. Time and productivity gains are immediate, exceeding usage costs.

Quantifiable Interaction Integrate real-time measurement, assessment, and evaluation on a global basis.

Security By Level and Department Mindports supports unlimited division and stratification of security levels for individuals, executive or management groups, departments or divisions on one portal.

Creation by Simple Onscreen Menus