SYMBIOTIC        HUMAN-MACHINE  INTELLIGENCE                       


Reinforcement of Commander's Intent

Mindports® distributes the intent and objectives of director level personnel uniquely to every level or individual in a department through the continuous 
distribution of information into individual linked interfaces customized to the task assignments of the user.

Integrated Knowledge Capture

Mindports® captures and utilizes knowledge in a new human-machine interface, seamlessly creating and integrating human-and-software-usable information equity and analytics through evolutionary operational portals (EOP's), while increasing government efficiency and productivity daily.

The Mindports® continuous digital transformation and knowledge development 

platform publishes this valuable knowledge for immediate utilization in a universal interface to serve on any desktop or mobile device. Personnel at each level in each department, working individually or collaboratively, becomes an information worker building the knowledge of operations as they work, easily and naturally embedding government processes and task sequences into the Mindports® interface and platform.

Knowledge Transfer without Programming

Mindports® reduces training time and integration of new employees while simultaneously embedding corporate processes that yield greater productivity while reducing the need for training itself. Each management level creates intelligent portals for its departmental processes, or the departmental processes below it. Build effective and evolving training tools to accomplish, maintain, and grow knowledge transfer from executives to managers, and managers to employees. Maintain always on-deck sales training.

Advanced Mapping and Geographic Awareness

Mindports® technology's new mapping capabilities enable the enterprise to provide an unlimited amount of location-specific data on maps or diagrams.

enabling executives and managers to utilize an entirely new and powerful perspective on marketing, sales, service, or supply information.

Superior Interface 

Structured indexed information can be accessed up to ten times faster on smartphones and tablets, saving time and data, and fundamentally altering the use of information in critical time applications. Simultaneous display of content and navigation enables faster more contextual browsing, while one handed operation on smartphone facilitates functionality while on the go.





Global Real-time Collaboration

Users around the world can update both the content and structure of information access instantly to make it available in real-time.

Productivity Through Instant Mobile Access

Eliminate page turning,scanning, scrolling and sizing during mobile navigation, effectively converting device navigation time to selling time.  Choose from two million choices or more in as little as three to four seconds. 

Guiding Through Seniority

Enable senior personnel to build years of experience into operations mindports, enabling rapid integration of workers into new roles. 

Unifying Worker and Software Intelligence

Move to the next dimension of intelligent government operations through a new human-
machine interface.



Lock In Operations

Digitize processes and integrate and oversee departmental processes at multiple levels, structured by each management level, without programming.

Ensure Continuity

Embed management process at the operations level, preserving key functionality without interruption in the case of the loss of key management personnel.

Productivity, Efficiency, Negative Cost

Gain hours per month per employee of productive, effective work time from the

day you deploy, yielding negative cost installations. Keep employees focused and minimize distractions.

Civic Engagement

Management structures can be interwoven with civic engagement through real-time adaptive analytics dynamically updating the interface to serve the public.

Reduce Costs

By eliminating excess time and data costs associated with mobile navigation, Mindports® reduces hard costs and increases employee selling time and productivity.

       Mindports Built in Minutes for Smartphones                                      Mindports with Content Window