SYMBIOTIC        HUMAN-MACHINE  INTELLIGENCE                       






Mindports® AI introduces a new data model and adaptive human- machine interface designed to bring human management and software systems into more efficient and productive collaboration. Designed in conjunction with world leading interface designers and data scientists, Mindports AI offers unique and dramatic gains in workflow automation and productivity, emergency and oversight preparedness and response, situational awareness for guided response, map pin portals of infinite depth, knowledge capture and transfer, and reinforcement of commander's intent.

The adaptive interface itself is universal throughout device formats, fully and automatically customizable per individual interface in a unified response scenario, and is available on smartphone, tablets, computers, kiosks, store windows, instruments, factory controls, ships, helicopters, and vehicles. It can work with virtually any back-end capability or methodology.

Notably, although a wholly new kind of interaction, the learning curve for this technology can be completed in one hour. Design, installation, and customization can be completed in days or weeks as opposed to months.


As a wholly new model of human and software interaction, Mindports® AI utilizes a unique and brief work phase of by management committed to achieving the gains the system can deliver. However, notably, the return on investment of this phase can be shown both practically and scientifically to yield immediate and long term significant gains far more than this initial effort.


The browser based interface itself is fully developed and installable today, and is universally and globally scalable. Customization can be completed in hours or days. Mindports® Glassbox
TM technology enable the integration of neural net, data-driven or expert-system notification systems, to  be accomplished in days, and if requiring full design and development, in a matter of months depending upon the complexity and parameters of rules systems, or inference engines.

Technical Specifications

Mindports AI is designed to leave all original content and data ownership intact with original owners, and works entirely in the interaction layer with that data, generating its own unique data set to accomplish its capabilities. Security is provided in multiple levels and in multiple ways, in conformance with the highest levels of industry practice for both the public and private sector.